January felt like an excruciatingly long month.

At first it seemed as though the days were flying by, what with a social calendar jam-packed from the buzz of a new year. But instead I find myself at the second week of February feeling…oddly enough, right on schedule.

My family recently celebrated the Lunar New Year – an event understandably postponed due to our vastly incompatible schedules. Saying “Happy New Year!” more than once in the same month can sometimes feel a bit strange, especially when you’ve just finished removing the holiday greeting from your signature block two weeks prior to the second “new year.” This year, our celebration just happened to fall on Superbowl Sunday. Thank goodness I don’t watch football, otherwise “culture clash” might not be enough to explain any possible madness that would ensue. In any case, spending so much time with family and friends over the past few months has provided me with another layer of insight for this blog. To one’s surprise, it seems as though my little project favors a road with guaranteed detours.

Three weeks into the month of January, I realized that my plan for meal prep was well.. not running its proper course. Rest assured, I have been prepping meals as stated – just not “exactly” the dishes I always intend to make.

For instance, when I went into the kitchen to make this, I made this instead.
rice, cooking, healthy
And also this….
cheese, cheddar, spinach
A few examples of a recent trend, evidence that once again, my focused efforts have resulted in some of life’s not-unwelcome surprises. Growing up, the term “familystyle” took on a whole new meaning. Dinner was hardly plated individually, and most meals I had a choice of 5-7 dishes to sample. Since the move, I’ve become irritated with the time-consuming nature of my 1 serving meals – hence the need to plan and meal prep. But instead of cooking by the book, inspiration will strike, a critical element of creativity that has been missing for far too long.

Therefore I’m announcing that there will be no more meal prep planning posts until further notice. The PDFs are still available for download, and despite the fact that I won’t be posting weekly meal prep recipes, the Master Grocery List has been immensely helpful in recent days. Just a quick message so you don’t think I’m losing my mind, and the thought process behind this decision ;)

Tell me: Do things ever go as planned? ;)