Snowy Days

I know…two posts in one day?? Let’s just say yesterday was a “Valentine’s Day” special.

The snow has kept me inside for 2 days now, and though I am experiencing a little cabin fever, it looks like my sickness has finally passed. I’m sure you were probably as tired of hearing about it as I was talking about it. On the upside, it looks like my motivation for baking has returned, and I am so excited to share some new sweet treats – delicious, healthy, gluten-free AND vegan.

footprints, cold, winterBut back to the snow. This was the worst storm of the season, and though I wasn’t able to see much from my window, apparently the DC/MD area accumulated upwards of 11 inches(?). This is more of what I was able to see..

horizon, far, beautiful view wet, DC, DMV, city neighbors, view, pax, storm trail, path, white, soft snowday-2 parking garage, balcony, windowGorgeous, isn’t it? The only downside was that most studios in the area were closed for classes, which meant no ballet for two days. In any case, there’s much to do today! Brunch, ballroom, and out tonight for a Valentine’s Dance! Highlights to come :)

In case you’ve come down with cabin fever as well, here are some great snowy day fitness ideas for the indoors.

Tell me: Did the storm cause you cabin fever? ;)