WIAW #12: Lately

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Oh what have I been eating these days?…After being sick for nearly 3 weeks and fighting the horrible snow, I can hardly remember more than a passing blur of peppermint tea, breakfast foods, and lots of coffee (thank you Instagram for refreshing my memory). Not quite what the doctor recommended, but somehow I needed to get through each day!

eggs, egglands best, spinach, breakfast

Thankfully the snowdays also provided some much needed respite. I’ve also been able to perfect two truly scrumptious gluten-free & vegan treats!

My Sweet Potato Brownies

chocolate, vegan, yumand Pecan Coconut Cookies.

cookie monster, healthy eating, eating well

Office lunches have been an interesting challenge these days. After a few weeks of eating leftovers from a weekend brunch, like the gluten-free pasta dish below, I decided to celebrate my reemergence into humanity with a lunch from Roti! Rice plate with chicken kabob, (lots of) hummus, tomato & cucumber salad, and spanish eggplant. It’s been so long since I’ve had Mediterranean food! Totally worth the chilly mid-day walk, and made up for the 40 minutes of snowglobe hell I went through earlier that morning…

hummus, kabob, roti, mediterranean diet pasta, tomato sauce, parsley, fresh herbs

Tell Me: What have you been eating lately?

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  • http://mommyhoodinholland.blogspot.com/ Yuliya Fruman

    Your eats all look great! I’m really intrigued by your sweet potato brownies. I just made some with black beans for the first time, and I loved them. I’ll have to try adding sweet potato next time :) Sounds great!

    • http://esculentdreams.com/ esculentdreams

      Thanks Yuliya! I made a black bean flourless chocolate cake a few years back and it turned out great! Love these healthy swaps :)