WIAW #13

It’s been a pretty dreary week. Not to put a damper on anyone’s snowstorm fun, but a few things have caused me to spiral into a near-obsessive state of panic and insomnia. Hoping it doesn’t get that far.. but at the same time, it’ll be nice to finally resolve a problem that’s caused me over 13 years of pain.

snow, sepia, calmMRI, hip, joints

It’s been a downward spiral of emotions, especially since I woke up Tuesday morning terribly nauseous (and more..). Wish my feelings could be as happy and colorful as some of last week’s meals!

egg, ham, color, bright kale, kimchi, egg whites colorful, silver diner, brunch yogurt, design, berries, seeds gluten-free, sandwich, lunch chia seed, chia jam, berries juice, apple, kale, lemon sweet potato, avocado, saladIt was nice to spend some time with an old friend last Saturday. Coffee is always a win :)
quartermaine, coffee, cafe

Since my last WIAWWe have printables!!!

7 Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs: truly inspirational words to live by. All organized into a cute rose-shaped word cloud.

entrepreneur, vision, tenacity, flexibility, tolerance, passion

A 25-minute elliptical workout: break free from snowstorm boredom!

HIIT, cardio, snow, workout, exercise, fitness, busyAlso, pictured below: Last month’s February 2014 newsletter! Are you signed up for March?

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Here’s hoping the next week goes better than the last. Until then, Happy WIAW everyone!

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  • http://www.iheartrunning.com/ Caroline Thomas

    thanks for stopping by today! your food looks so good! the weather has been crazy I am excited for the spring and then summer!

    • http://esculentdreams.com/ esculentdreams

      you too! and thanks!! :)